What is a carer?

In PKB, a carer is someone who has been granted access to a patient record but is not caring for the patient as a clinician. This is normally used by family and friends so they can keep up to date with the latest information in the patient record, and help the patient manage their own care. 

How do I become a carer?

There are multiple ways you can become a carer in PKB. If you already have a PKB record, you can ask for access, or if you have never used PKB before the patient or their clinicians can invite you to the record. If you are in England and Wales, you can create your own record using NHS login. NHS Login can be found on any of the PKB login pages and will allow you to create a verified record, Steps by step instructions on how to register for PKB via NHS Login can be found here.

How can a carer be invited?

It is recommended (but not mandatory) that if the carer is based in England or Wales and has not yet registered for their own PKB record, they should be directed to the NHS Login button on any PKB login homepage where they can register/create their own record which will be verified via the NHS Login process. 

To invite the carer, a patient or a professional when in the patient record, needs to go to Sharing > Friends/Family and click ‘Add carer.’  Once the form is completed, an invitation will be sent to the carer’s email address.

How do I ask for access?

Click the Sharing icon and select Friends/Family. Click ‘Ask for access’ and complete the form.

How do I accept an invitation?

Once you receive the invitation via email, you need to follow the link and complete the form.

How do I find the record I am caring for?

Go to Sharing > Friends/Family and everyone you care for will be listed.

How do I use the record?

The functionality is exactly the same for carers as it is for patients. For more information, please see our patient pages.