How can I add a carer to a patient record?

It is important that you first check that the Carer has a PKB record and that they have been registered to their own record before being added as a Carer to another record. To do so follow the steps here before completing the steps below.

Firstly, log into your account. Navigate to the Patients tab and search for the patient who you would like to add the carer to.

Once you have found your patient in the list, select them (using the radio button to the left hand side) and click 'Add carer.'

Complete the form and add in the carers details. The text you add into the 'Message' field will display to them in their invitation email.

Select the level of access you wish to grant the carer. The patient is also able to change this from their account, should they want to.

Click 'Invite.' This will email the carer and you will be returned to the patient search screen, which will display a confirmation message.

Can I transfer the patients email address to their carer?

Yes. In some cases, such as paediatrics, the patient's record is set up using the carer email address (as the child may not have an email address themselves). This is not recommended, as it is important that that carers always register as such and get their own account using their own email address. This makes it clearer to professionals who is involved in the patient's care.

However, there is a feature to amend this and to set up the carer.

Once you are logged in to your coordinator account, go to Patients and find the patient. Select them and click the 'Use email for carer' button beneath the patient.

Once you have selected 'Use email for carer' fill in the carers details (their email will be prepoulated) and click 'Invite.' This will send an email to the carer.