How do I get my data as a patient in the Netherlands?

The below instructions apply to PKB users in the Netherlands only.

How can I use PKB to access my data?

More and more hospitals, general practices, pharmacists, and other healthcare providers are making your medical file available. Your privacy is essential, so the government imposes strict requirements on the suppliers of Personal Health Environments (PGO in Dutch). The MedMij foundation safeguards that privacy by only certifying PGOs such as PKB, that have proven to be safe for access to confidential data. If your care providers also meet the same strict requirements, you can retrieve your file with PKB.

After logging in, you will see the 'Update my record' button on on the home screen.

Clicking this button will take the you to MedMij, where you can give your healthcare providers permission to share your data with PKB. Your data will then be retrieved (this may take a while).

Once this is done, you will be shown a message stating "Data retrieved! Your medical information will soon appear in your inbox on the homepage".