Individual professionals

What is an individual professional?

An individual professional is someone who provides clinical care to a patient but is not associated with any teams within a PKB organisation. For example, a GP could be added to a patient record as an individual professional if their GP practice do not use PKB.

How do I add an individual professional?

Within a patient record, go to Sharing > Professionals and click ‘Add an individual.’ Complete the form and an invitation will be sent to the professional’s email for them to complete.

Is there anything an individual professional cannot do?

An individual professional has fewer functions available to them than a team professional. These include:

  • Unable to create new patients
  • Unable to reset patient passwords
  • Unable to use or see consultations and plans
  • No access to Team Data View if a patient stops sharing with them
  • Unable to edit patient demographics
  • Unable to view the patients timeline view