Timeline view

Where can I find the timeline & what is it for?

The timeline appears for professionals on the patient's summary page. The timeline’s purpose is to show a clear visual representation of activity in the patient’s record, so that when you look at a record for the first time you can get an idea of the patient’s health activity.

What is included in the timeline?

Events & messages swim lane

The Events and messages swim lane shows activity such as hospital visits, documents, appointments & consultations. There is a key at the top of the time lime to show the different types of activity that could appear on this swim lane & what icon it will be represented with.

Clicking on an event within the swim lane opens a pop-up box with further detail of that event such as the subject, location and source details.

You can navigate date range shown on the time line by year or month.

Tests & Imaging swim lanes

The Tests and Imaging swim lanes are shown below the Events & messages swim lane. These swim lanes show a blue dot on days that have data. Clicking on any of these swim lanes will take the user to the detailed page for that section.

Symptoms & Measurements swim lanes (coming soon)

We will also be adding swim lanes for symptoms & measurements . These swim lanes will be in the same format as the Tests & Imaging lanes.