User Research

User research helps us to understand how other people use Patients Know Best (PKB), so that we can respond more effectively to their needs with informed and inspired design solutions. We have always gathered feedback regularly, be it directly with our growing network of users or via our support desk and we would like to keep expanding on this research as our user-base and product grows.

Usability testing allows us to test out existing features and new feature designs by asking participants to carry out documented tasks on the system (or a prototype) to see how easy it is to complete the task. This is a fantastic way for us to gather insight on how people find the system in the real world and capture their thoughts during the process.

Getting involved 

We would love our users to get involved in our user research & usability testing, regardless of how much you have used the system or whether you are a patient, carer, clinician or administrative user. 

Alternatively you can also contact us with general feedback or about either of the above by emailing 

Our privacy notice for user research is published here

Research outcomes

You can read about previous user research & usability testing carried out by clicking the links below:

Research in progress