Finding the Consultations page

How do I create consultations?

Create a spreadsheet (CSV) and enter the questions and answer options. Each row in the spreadsheet is one question in the consultation.

The first column is the text to be displayed (for example, What is your name? or How do you feel?)

The second column determines the type of question:

  • Use Title to simply display the text e.g. for instructions, or to separate out the questions with headings

  • Use Text to accept free text input, e.g. for the question "What is your name"

  • Use Radio to display a set of radio buttons (meaning patients can only select one option)- the following columns should then contain the options you wish to be available (one option per cell)

  • Use Checkbox to display a set of checkboxes (meaning patients can select multiple options) - the following columns should then contain the options you wish to be available (one option per cell)

An example can be seen below. Please note that the spreadsheet must be saved as a CSV file before it can be imported (rather than .xlsx)

Consultation example

At the moment, the import must be done by a member of the PKB team. Please send your CSV file to your PKB project manager who will arrange the import for you.

Please note if you are going to include commas in any spreadsheet cell, you must surround all the text in the cell by quotes. So for example, if you wanted instead of entering Hello, do you like my tutorial? you should instead enter 'Hello, do you like my tutorial?'

Can I export consultation data?

Professionals and coordinators are able to extract data from consultations into a CSV file. Each report contains every instance of a completed questionnaire, with a row for each set of responses and columns for every question.

For more information on how to download you consultations please click here

How do I send a consultation to all patients in my team?

To send a mass consultation, click ‘Send consultation’ on the consultation page, select the correct consultation and click ‘Start’ to send this to all patients.

The consultation will be sent to all patients who are registered or have an email address in their record but have not yet registered.

How can I see hidden and visible consultations?

Professionals and coordinators can see the list of visible and hidden consultations listed on the Consultations page.

Hidden consultations will no longer appear for professionals and coordinators when they attempt to send out an individual or mass consultation.

And patients will no longer see any hidden consultations when they start a consultation.

The responses for all consultations which have been completed are still available for download for both visible and hidden consultations.

What happens if I've sent a consultation and it is hidden before being completed by the patient?

A warning will be given to the patient indicating that the consultation is no longer available for completion.