Bulk create patient records

As a team coordinator, as an initial onboarding step, you might want to create many patients records in one go. ‘Add many patients’ facility allows you to upload a CSV file with a list of patients. PKB will then create records for all patients and carers and add them to your team.

Creating the upload file

Complete the following template:

'Add many patients' CSV template'

Append one row per patient. Do not change the layout or remove the header row. All cells should be text - if you have identifiers beginning with 0 please ensure the cells in these columns are not being treated numerically as the 0 will automatically be removed. Make sure to save as a CSV file (e.g. not Excel format). Please also perform a data cleanse to account for special characters that could throw off standard CSV parsing such as , " '.

We recommend uploading files after 5pm and that no more than 50,000 patients are added per file. Upload multiple files one at a time - wait for the previous to have completed processing before uploading the next. Let PKB support know if you are planning a large upload so we can avoid system downtime during these.

Mandatory columns:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • and at least one type of id: National Identifier, Organisation Identifier, Team Identifier

Optional columns:

  • Demographic details
  • Title - patient's title e.g. Mr
  • E-mail - e-mail address of the patient. If provided an invitation to register will be sent to the patient.
  • DoB (DD, MM, YYYY ) e.g. 21, 04, 1999 - recommended
  • Address1 - first line of the postal address
  • Address2 - second line of the postal address
  • City
  • State/Province/County
  • Post code
  • Carer1 first name
  • Carer1 last name
  • Carer1 E-mail - an email address of a carer of the patient. If provided an invitation to register will be sent to the carer. <XX: are all 3 of these carer fields not mandatory if a carer is to be added?)
  • Carer2 first name
  • Carer2 last name
  • Carer2 E-mail - If provided an invitation to register will be sent to the carer.

Starting the upload

Go to ‘Patients’ and click ‘Add many patients’. ‘Choose file’ and browse to attach your completed CSV file

Select the privacy labels that your team requires access to provide care for these patients (your team’s default access will be pre-selected). Click on ‘Register patients’ button to start the patient creation.

If you get an error indicating that the file format is incorrect (see example below), please check you are using the correct template supplied, and that neither the format (CSV) or the header has been modified in any way. Click 'Cancel' and start the upload process again.

Monitoring progress

Once the upload has begun you will see an entry on the 'Reports' sub tab. When the upload completes you will receive an email notification and the entry on the 'Reports' sub tab will have a download link.

You can download the report to see detailed status of each patient record. It will contain your original data with three additional columns showing whether the patient on each row (and carers if included) have been successfully invited/created, with supporting information where relevant.

The possible account creation outcomes are:

(Click here to see the details on how PKB matches patient records)

  • Success - <New account created> - patient record created successfully and added to your team.
  • Success - <Patient already in your team> - this patient record already existed in your team.
  • Success - <Existing patient added to your team> - this patient record already existed in your organisation, the patient has been added to your team.
  • Success - <Existing patient has been invited to share records with your team> - this patient record already existed outside your organisation. They have been sent an invitation to your team and will be added once they acknowledge.
  • Failure - <Details: This account belongs to existing user XXXXX with Dob XXXX-XX-XX> - patient record exists with this National Identifier or Organisation ID and has no email address added
  • Failure - <Must have at least one type of id (national, org level or team level id)> You must provide an ID for this patient.
  • Failure - <Unable to invite patient as existing account without email - Please contact St Elsewhere Hospital for access>. A patient record exists in another organisation but there is no email added for this record. For more details and how to action this see Patient records created in another organisation
  • Failure - <Invalid NHS number 'XXX XXX XXXX'>. An invalid NHS number was provided.
  • Failure - <Invalid email 'lesley.harris.pkbtest.com'>.An invalid email address was provided.
  • Failure - <Missing mandatory column: 'First name';Missing mandatory column: 'Last name';Must have at least one type of id (national, org level or team level id)>. Missing mandatory fields.

The possible carer creation outcomes are:

  • Carer successfully invited - a carer for this patient account created and invited
  • Unable to invite carer 'gary.nell.com': Record 3 (Graham Nell): invalid email: 'gary.nell.com' - patient and carer account not created because carer email address format is invalid
  • Unable to invite carer 'bill.individual@pkbtest.com': Unexpected error happened: email bill.individual@pkbtest.com is associated with multiple persons! - This email address is already in use by a PKB user. The patient account will be created but the carer will not be added to this patient record.