Finding the Institution page

From this section, you can create custom messages from your team on the Greetings tab and can set the additional consent questions that your patients will be asked during registration on the Consent tab. If you would like to download contact details for your patients, this is on the Consent tab too.

Greetings tab

What messages can I create?

  • Welcome to patient - viewed by patients on their homepage
  • Information about your team - viewed by patients on the Sharing page
  • Footer for email messages - this can be entered as plain text or HTML and will appear at the bottom of all email notifications
  • Welcome to professional - viewed by professionals on their homepage

How do I create messages?

Write the message in the relevant text box on the Greetings tab and click ‘Save.’

Consent tab

What additional consent questions can I ask patients?

You can use ask the patient for permission to contact them on different channels, e.g. post, SMS or email. You can also for permission to contact the patient for non-clinical reasons and to use their data for research.

How can I set up additional consent questions?

Click the 'Consent' tab on the ‘Institution’ page. Tick the box next to each consent question you want the patient to see and click ‘Save’.

Can I export patient’s contact preferences?

Yes - click the 'Download contact details' button on the Consent tab. A CSV export will download with your team's list of patients and their additional consent for contact preferences.