Privacy labels

What are Privacy Labels?

Privacy labels are a way for you to label each data point in your record with one of four categories. You can then decide who has access to each one of the categories, and this determines what they can see in your record. For example if you had a carer who you did not want to view any data in your record relating to sexual health, you would not give them access to ‘Sexual health’ and they would not be able to see any data with this label. 

What are the different categories?

Can I add multiple privacy labels to one data point?

No, a data point can only be given one label (although this label can be changed). 

How can I change a privacy label?

Next to the data point, you will see the privacy label with a pencil icon beside it. Clicking on the pencil will allow you to change the privacy label. For more information, please see the help page for the particular data point you are trying to change e.g Medications, Plans etc. 

How can I change a privacy label on the Tests, Appointments & Journal pages?

Starting with the Tests, Appointment & Journal pages, we are introducing a new actions menu to enable users to find all actions in a single place.  Therefore on these pages, click on the ellipsis icon beside the entry you wish to edit the privacy label of and click ‘Edit privacy.’

Why does some data not have a privacy label?

Diagnoses might not always have a privacy label associated with it. When receiving a diagnosis via FHIR, the privacy label will be unset if either a privacy label is not provided or if a privacy mapping doesn't already exist for that diagnosis. Diagnoses with unset privacy labels can only be seen by a professional or carer with access to all four privacy labels (general, sexual, mental and social) and the patient.

PKB will be doing some work in the future to map the privacy labels for diagnoses data with an unset privacy label. We will also introduce the ability for patients to set the privacy label for diagnoses with an unset privacy label.

Please note, symptoms & measurements do not currently have privacy labels displayed and there is no functionality to change the privacy labels for these items at present.