How can I restrict access to a patient's record?

As a team professional, you can temporarily remove access to a patient's record from the patient and their carers. This is useful for patients who cannot safely manage their own record, for example during a mental health crisis, or for cases where there are safeguarding concerns.  While the access is restricted, the patient will not be able to log in and carers will not be able to access the patient's record. 

You  can still access and update the record while it is ‘frozen’ but the patient and their carers are unable to.

How do I freeze a record?

2. You will  be shown a confirmation message which explains the implications of freezing a record and asks you to confirm you wish to proceed. Click 'Yes' to continue.

How do I unfreeze a record?

Who can freeze and unfreeze a patient's record? 

Any institutional professional with access to the patient's record can freeze a patient's record. The record can then be unfrozen by any institutional professional - it does not have to be the same professional that froze the record. While the record is frozen, any institutional professional can access the record. 

Individual professionals cannot freeze a patient's record and cannot access a patient's record while it is frozen.