How do I report incorrect data in my PKB record?

We built our software to help patients manage their own healthcare. We do this by putting the patient in control of all information about them, and who gets to use that information with them.

Medical data inside your record can come from any organisation who has your consent to access to your record, including your doctors, nurses and relatives. Information may also be transferred automatically from an organisation's medical records system. Each data entry point will have a 'source' to identify where this data has come from. At any point, if you spot some inaccurate or incorrect data, you should contact the source so they can rectify the data in your record and their own medical records system. 

We advise teams to publish information on their data correction process and contact details in their team's library section of your record so please check there first to follow their guidelines. Alternatively, in most areas of PKB, you can use the 'discuss selection' option by clicking the box beside the item and then selecting discuss. You can then send a message with this data to the source of the incorrect data and they can follow their internal process to correct the information. 

How much does PKB cost?

PKB software is usually paid for by clinical teams who then provide accounts to patients, free of charge. Each patient can then invite their doctors and nurses to use the software with them, free of charge.

Does PKB work outside the UK?

Yes, you can use PKB on anywhere in the world, all you need is a computer or phone connected to the internet. Indeed, PKB is particularly useful to patients who live or are treated across borders, because health care institutions don't tend to be very good about talking to each other within countries, let alone between them! With a PKB record, you can collect, access and share your records from all your interactions with different health care institutions. And, PKB is compliant with data protection regulation in the UK, EU as well as the United States (i.e., HIPAA compliant).

How is PKB different to NHS efforts like the Summary Care Record?

The NHS Summary Care record is just what it says it is: a summary of the care the NHS has delivered. It does not include the full medical history and consultations, just a summary. For patients with complicated and rare conditions, this is not enough. It is also focused on the NHS, and does not include other useful records from all the other people who help the patient, including patient charities, social workers, private practitioners, family members, nor the patient himself. 

What browsers does PKB support?

The majority of users log into the PKB web site. The site is designed to be responsive (any page looks good on any screen size device) with familiar web-based behaviours. 

PKB works on all modern browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Microsoft Edge), so as long as the system used supports these browsers - there should not be an issue.

PKB is optimised for use via mobile devices with screen 320 px and wider which includes Android (Chrome/Firefox) & iOS 10 and up (Chrome/Safari/Firefox). 

When will professionals see my updates?

Professionals do not get notified when you add new data to your record (for example if you record a new measurement or medication). They will see the data when they log in and view your record.

What do I try if I’m having issues opening an attachment?