Import email addresses with verified identity

Importing identity verified email addresses into PKB allows your team to mass register patients immediately. For the full list of mass registration tactics see the PKB deployment page on registration.

Email address identity verification

Patients can log into PKB to see their record once:

  1. A record exists for the patient in PKB
  2. An email address is verified to belong to this patient
  3. The patient registers with a password and security question for this email address

Verifying that an email address belongs to the patient can be done in many ways, including face-to-face clinic visits and home address registration letters. But the verification only has to happen once for it to be useful in PKB. So having multiple ways in multiple care settings happen in parallel increases the speed and rate of registration of patients, which increases the clinical and operational benefits for your team.

Importing email addresses from GP systems

General practitioners already register patients as part of central NHS requirements to provide patients with online access to GP records. The registration requires the patient to present their identity documents face to face in the surgery. So once a patient has registered through this process the email address is useful for giving the patient access to their full PKB record.

The instructions differ by GP system