Finding the Professional page:

Understanding the Professional page:

The professionals tab allows you to see a list of all professionals associated with your team and provides a number of quick actions.

How do I add a professional?

On the Activated professional tab, click ‘Invite professional’ and complete the form. If you need to add several professionals, click ‘Add many professionals’ and you will be able to upload a CSV file containing details of the professionals you wish to upload. For more information please click here . To understand more about the format of this file, please contact your PKB Success team member.

How do I reset a professional’s password?

Click ‘Reset password’ and complete the form.

How do I change a professionals contact preferences?

Click ‘Contact Preferences.’ On the next page all professionals in your team will be listed and you can tick/untick whether patients are able to initiate messages with them.

If a Professional is marked as 'not contactable', they can still initiate contact and are:

  • Able to initiate messages to patients, and patients can reply to these messages.

  • Able to reply to existing messaging threads that they are already a participant of.

  • Able to message colleagues who are marked as 'Contactable by Messages'.

  • Colleagues are unable to message them, or add them into messaging threads, regardless of whether the colleague is set to 'Contactable by Messages' or not.

  • Patients are unable to message them, or add them into messaging threads.

How do I deactivate a professional?

If a professional should no longer be associated with your team, click ‘Deactivate.’ This removes them from your team so that they can no longer access patient records via your team’s access. It does not affect their membership of other teams.

How do I reactivate a professional?

On the ‘Previous professionals’ tab, find the professional and click ‘Reactivate.