Set up multiple professional records

See also: Set up multiple patient records

When you start using PKB it is useful to set up accounts for all of the professionals in your team at once. You can create them quickly by uploading a spreadsheet in CSV format. You can create the spreadsheet by using data from an export of your professional list from internal database if one is available.

Once you have uploaded the CSV file, your professionals will be sent an email to register for their accounts.

How to

  1. Use the Add many professionals file and fill out the details for each professional.

  2. Make sure to save as a CSV file (not Excel format, even if you are using Excel to edit the CSV file).

  3. Log in as a Co-ordinator.

  4. Click 'Professionals'.

  5. Click 'Add many professionals'.

  6. Upload your .CSV file.

  7. Click 'Register Professionals'

PKB will create accounts for each of the professionals on your list. If an account already exists, PKB will not duplicate it. If the professional is already linked to your team, PKB will ignore the row. If the professional is not linked to your team, they will be sent an email asking them to switch by following a link.

If there is an error in any of the rows in your file, PKB will show you the error but continue to create accounts for all the rows that do not have errors. Fix the errors in the file and upload it again. PKB will ignore the accounts which you had previously created correctly so you do not have to worry about duplicates.

CSV template format

The template has been set up for processing by PKB's software. Do not change the format because this will break the processing. Simply add and remove rows of data as you have them.

The header row is required so do not delete it. All cells are handled as text.

If you do not have data for a cell (e.g. you do not know the name of a carer or the date post code of the patient) leave the contents empty. The empty contents are handled as no data, awaiting entry by others in the future.

Details of file and data fields

The spreadsheet template file is in CSV format. You need to provide data in the following columns (but only 1-4 are mandatory fields):

  1. Title: professional's title e.g. Mr/Dr

  2. First name

  3. Last name

  4. E-mail: e-mail address of the professional. Providing this means that PKB sends the professional an invitation to register with a password for their account.

  5. Job title - Their role in the team

  6. DoB YYYY: the year in the date of birth as a 4-digit number e.g. 1980 the day in the date of birth as a number up to 2 digits e.g. 1 or 17

  7. DoB MM: the month in the date of birth as a number up to 2 digits e.g. 1 or 12

  8. DoB DD: : the day in the date of birth as a number up to 2 digits e.g. 1 or 17

  9. Address1: first line of the postal address

  10. Address2: second line of the postal address

  11. City

  12. State/Province/County

  13. Zip Code: or post code

  14. Phone

If you have any issues with the your bulk account creation, please contact your assigned PKB Success Team member.