User research - adding data to records

Improving the process of adding data to records - Usability testing with patients


Users reported that adding data to records was sometimes cumbersome, particularly in the areas where more than one data point was being added at the same time such as the add tests form. We collated the feedback and worked on new designs to simplify the process of adding data. Once we had addressed issues raised and completed the initial design, we built a prototype and ran several usability sessions with patients to check the new style of forms was intuitive and easy to use.

The usability sessions focused on where users could locate where to add results easily and that the input and storing of the data was straightforward for them.

In each session we gave the users access to the prototype with a task to complete. We then asked the user to talk out loud during each step of the task to tell us what they were thinking & doing so we could understand their decision making process.


User 1 (Frequent PKB user)

  • Currently only adds one of her test results on a regular basis

  • Didn’t know what the attachment could be used for (we decided to add help text because of this feedback)

  • Added values and ranges without any issues

  • Before adding the next result (After adding 3-4) they stopped as felt unsure about whether they completed the fields correctly and what to expect next (they couldn’t tell which field was for the value and which for the range

  • They liked the form behaviour (verbalized it) and didn’t hesitate at any point while completing the form (adding results)

  • Wasn’t quite sure if 'Add results' would take her to the same place as the Add button on the home page

User 2 (Existing PKB user)

  • Found the option to add test results very easily

  • Felt it was not clear what the date fields were for

  • Expected a message if the attachment uploaded correctly

  • Thought that maybe adding a paper copy of results would upload them all automatically so wanted more help text to explain what the attachment function did,

User 3 (Existing PKB user)

  • It wasn't clear what the time/date fields should reflect on the form (now or time of test)

  • They thought that if you upload a file it would automatically add the results

  • He used scrollbar to navigate in dropdown

  • Had no problem adding in the values

  • Clicked with the mouse to next field (doesn't use tab)

  • Not sure what to add with the unit

  • No problem of knowing how to add another result

  • Again scrolls not types

  • Adding things “Is pretty straightforward”

  • Overall impressions: has issues with understanding how the sheet is / issues with result and value labeling / “the terms should be the same really” “If the terms match I’m not really in any doubt”

  • Like: “It was very straight forward”

  • Dislike: “The only doubt I had, how do I know that’s in the system, I suppose submit is the key” “I think that’s pretty clear”

User 4 (Not a PKB user)

  • User was not sure whether blood test results would be diagnoses or measurement at first, until they spotted the tests section

  • Found date and time entry easy

  • Would prefer to take a photo and let the system read the results automatically

  • Looking for categories alphabetically

  • Found the process easy “It was fine inputting the data”

User 5 (Not a regular PKB user)

  • Looked for the usual menu. Found the hamburger menu

  • Went to test results. Found add test results easily

  • Understood what date and time they need to enter

  • Clicked on the category instead of the test

  • Found red blood cell at the end

  • Saw the unit being there already so knew didn't need to add it

  • Used search & used tabs

  • “I thought it was quite simple to use”

User 6 (Frequent PKB user)

  • Found add test results section very easily

  • Think the … button would give me the unit info

  • I usually like to save what I entered - wasn't obvious to user that clicking submit at the end was required


  • We updated the designs based on the feedback from these sessions:

  • We added clearer inline help text for 'Add attachment' section to help users understand what they could do here

  • We added column headings for values & range so users could easily see which field was for which

  • Added help text to confirm what the date fields were for

  • Show when attachments are uploaded correctly

  • We added unit type beside the value fields

  • Reword ‘Submit’ to something like ‘Add result’ or ‘Save results’ & make it prominent

Final design

We are now rolling out this new style of form across the system. We started by updating the 'Add measurements' page.