Finding the consultation page

Understanding the consultations page

The consultations page is designed to allow you to send consultations to all patients at once (rather than having to do this in each individual record), as well as being able to download the data from completed consultations.

How do I send a consultation to all patients in my team?

To send a mass consultation, click ‘Consultation’ on the consultation page, select the correct consultation and click ‘Start’ to send this to all patients.

How do I send a consultation to one patient?

On the ‘Discussions’ tab, click ‘Start a consultation.’ Choose your patient and complete the form.

The patient will receive an email message prompting them to complete the consultation. Once they have completed it, you will receive an email with a link to read the answers.

How do I download all consultation responses?

On the consultations page, you can export and download all responses to a chosen consultation. Simply select which identifiers are used in the export of consultation responses beside the chosen consultation and the export will automatically download to your device.

Which identifiers can I select?

When you download the consultation export you can decide which identifier you want to include. The three options are:

  • With NHS numbers
  • With organisation level IDs
  • With both

What is included in the consultation exports?

The export downloads as a CSV file which contains every instance of the specific consultation (that has been completed), with a row for each set of responses and columns for every question.