Finding the Imaging page

Understanding the imaging page

The imaging page allows you to keep a record of all medical images, such as X-rays, in one place. You can record the name (it is best to be as specific as possible) and the date the imaging took place, as well as the image itself.

How can I add an imaging result?

Click 'Add result’ and complete the form.

How can I view an imaging result?

Click 'View' next to the result you want to see. The report will be shown on the screen, there may also be a link to a file.

How can I correct an imaging result?

To correct an imaging result, select Edit or Delete next to the specific file. These options are only available for results you have added yourself. If you need to correct a result that someone else has added to your record, please see Reporting incorrect data.

How can I change the privacy of an imaging result?

To edit privacy click on the pencil icon beside the privacy label of the imaging result and select the new privacy label. Please note: Changing the privacy may result in some professionals and carers no longer being able to access the file.

See Privacy labels for more details on what privacy labels are.

How can I discuss an imaging result?

Select one or more imaging results and click 'Discuss selections'.