Current Health

Current Health devices allow monitoring a patient's vital signs from home. The health care professionals who set up the device can see the data on the Current Health Dashboard. Connecting the Current Health device to a Patients Know Best record provides the data to the patient and their family members. It also keeps a permanent record for future treatment by other health care professionals.

Setting up Current Health devices with a Patients Know Best account

First, patients are admitted to the Current Health system and monitoring is started.

The Current Health Home Pack takes the patient through their in-home setup, and guides them through fitting the wearable device

Patient vitals begin to flow into the Current Health platform, where they are displayed for the healthcare team.

Data from Current Health appears in Patients Know Best

In addition, patient vitals are sent on to PKB, where the patient can login to view their vitals, collected by Current Health.

If the patient were to deteriorate, alarms are triggered and the Care Team are notified via the Monitoring app and the Web Dashboard. Alarms can be checked and silenced using a pre-defined list of interventions. Alarms from the Web Dashboard look like this:

Alarms from the App look like this: