Finding the Plans page

Understanding the Plans page

Here you can add and view your care plans. A care plan is something that supports you in managing your health. It can include instructions on what to do in common situations like a worsening of your condition. It can also contain helpful information or videos about your health as well as your goals and targets in between consultations. You can have multiple plans, each specific to a particular condition.

Ideally you will create the plan together with your health care team so you all agree. Having access to the plan allows you to be better involved in and manage your own health care.

What’s contained in a care plan?

Care plan templates are created by your clinical teams so may be unique for each team. However we will always show any diagnoses, allergies and medications that have been entered in your record. The main body of the plan will usually include an action plan. Action plans can contain information on your care, health goals and advice on monitoring your conditions. Your team may have also selected key tests, symptoms or measurements to be tracked and displayed as part of your plan.

How do I add a care plan to my record?

Your clinician may create a plan for you in discussion with you but you can also create a plan yourself.

To create a plan, click 'Add plan' and select from the list of available templates.

If none of the templates are relevant you can create your own care plan from scratch.

What do the coloured sections in my plan mean?

Your team may have provided information on how to monitor your condition and actions to take.

  • Green is for details of what you would expect when your condition is under control

  • Amber indicates what you should do if there is a deterioration in your condition

  • Red indicates what you should do if there is a more severe deterioration in your condition.

It is important to follow any instructions provided and contact your clinical team in the usual way if you are concerned.

How do I update a plan?

You may have have been asked by your clinical team to update an existing plan in your record, perhaps to update your health goals or monitor your symptoms. To make changes to the plan, click on the plan name to open it and then click the pencil icon to edit it.

Once you are happy with the changes, you can click save to store them. Clicking save will create an up to date version of the plan. Below each plan name you can see who last edited a plan and when. If you do not click ‘Save’ but have entered some data into the plan it will automatically save. It will display in your list of plans with ‘In Draft’ alongside it so it is clear that the plan is not completed.

If you wish to view previous versions of a plan you can click the version history button and select which version you would like to view. Once a new version is saved, old versions can no longer be edited.

How do I change the privacy of a plan?

Click on the pencil icon beside the privacy label. Note: changing the privacy may result in some professionals and carers no longer being able to view the plan. Professionals who have previously contributed to the plan will continue to retain access.

See Privacy labels for more details on managing who can access your record.

How do I discuss a plan?

Click ‘Discuss’ next to the plan.

How do I delete a plan from my record?

Click 'Delete' next to the plan, or saved draft, that you wish to delete.

You can only delete plans that you have entered yourself. If you have not created the plan but need it to be deleted, please see our Reporting incorrect data page.

If someone else, such as your carer or a professional, has contributed to the care plan, you will also be unable to delete it.