Privacy officer

What is a privacy officer?

The privacy officer (PO) user in PKB is a user who monitors and enforces correct usage by their organisation from a privacy perspective.

The PO does not necessarily have to be senior in authority, but they must provide the information they monitor to someone with the authority to investigate if they find inappropriate usage.

How do I register as a PO?

PO user set-up is available from the Patients Know Best customer success team. For more information please see our Deploy site.

Once registration is complete, you will need an existing member of your organisation to log in and out to fully activate your account.

As a PO, what can I do?

After logging into the PKB web site as a PO user you can disable sharing for patients that have gone through the informed consent process to prevent any user from seeing their medical record.

How can I see who has used ‘Break the glass’?

We generate reports on Tableau for you to access who has broken the glass. To be granted access, please contact your success team member who will do this for you.