Finding the Devices page

Understanding the devices page

This page allows you to connect your record to other devices (e.g. a fitness tracker, a blood pressure monitor).

How do I link a device to my account?

Click 'Add Device’. Once you have selected the device, follow the instructions to link the device with your PKB account.

Once you have linked your device the information will start to flow into your record. Most device data is shown on the Measurements page but if you are using a glucometer then these results will be shown on the Tests page.

Which devices does PKB connect to?

PKB currently has integrations with the devices listed in our table of devices:

Device list_20180628_Published

We are continually expanding this list.

NB: We currently cannot sync with any Apple devices due to the way they currently store their data

How often does my device sync?

Depending on the device, updates will be sent in 5-10 minutes but can take up to 2 hours

How do I remove a device from my account?

Click ‘Disconnect’ next to the device you wish to remove. It is advised to check the application of your connected device to remove the connection there also.