Adding photos and videos to records

Sometimes, you may want to add a video or image to your health record. This could be because the team treating you require it to help them or it may be that you want to document something yourself, such as a changing symptom.

There are multiple ways to add these files to the system which will be explained on this page. Whichever you choose, make sure this is agreed with those caring for you so they know exactly where to find the files you are adding to your record.


You can attach a video or image to a message to share with those looking after you. You can upload multiple files in one message, as long as the total size of all files is under 10 GB. Files added to replies to a message in the thread have a limit of 100 MB.

This is useful for when those looking after you may have follow up questions or will want to respond to the items you have shared with them via PKB as they can easily respond to the message to do this.

For further information on how to send a message, please click here.


You can also add images or videos to a journal entry. The size limit for these files is 1 GB. Using the journal rather than messaging to add images and/or videos can be useful when you are documenting or observing your own health but do not require a response from anyone with access to your record, such as a health care professional or carer. However, should you want to discuss this with them, you can discuss the journal entry which will create a message for you.

For further information on our Journal functionality, please click here.


When adding images or videos to the Files section of your PKB record, the size limit is 10GB per file. To learn how to add a video or image to the Files section of your record, please click here.