Stopping use of PKB

My hospital has stopped using PKB - what happens to my patient record?

Your record in PKB still remains yours and you can access it exactly as before. PKB will not delete or remove your access to your record at any time.

Will I still be able to add information to my record?

You can still add medical information such as measurements, allergies, medicines taken etc. You will also be able to have discussions with any professionals and carers that you have invited into your record yourself (and can continue to invite more). You can also access any previous discussions that you had held with professional, even if their team no longer uses PKB. You will keep access to all of the blood results and clinic letters etc that may have been added to your record as well.

Will I still be able to send messages and interact with the doctors and nurses on my team at the hospital?

No, if a hospital or team decides that they no longer wish to use PKB then their professionals’ access to the patient’s PKB record stops. This means that they can no longer see any information that you add to your record and that you will not be able to send them messages going forward. Appointment messaging will be switched off for any appointments from that organisation, therefore you will not see the option to send a request to reschedule or cancel your appointment and you will need to contact the organisation outside of PKB to change your appointment. 

Will I still receive my blood results into my record?

If you had been receiving your blood and other test results (MRI, CT or clinic letters) directly into your record through automatic transfer from your hospital then this will stop at the point that they choose to no longer use PKB. You are still able to keep all this information in one place in your PKB record, however, by adding the results manually.

If I attend another hospital in the future that uses PKB can I use my same record again?

Absolutely - this is how PKB’s joined up record works. If you attend another hospital or care provider in the future that has PKB they will be able to link your existing record to their team with the click of a button. 

My hospital is still using PKB but I no longer want a record - what can I do?

If you no longer want to use your PKB account, you should contact your clinical team who are using PKB. They will be able to contact our support team who can remove your email from your account. This means that you will no longer receive email notifications about changes to your record and you will no longer be able to log into your account.

Just because you have stopped using your PKB account does not necessarily mean the team caring for you will stop. When your email address is removed, it is still possible for professionals to add data, such as diagnoses and allergies, to your record.