Paediatric records

PKB handles records about children differently from those about adults. This is to help professionals looking after the safety of children and to comply with local laws enforcing that protection.

Can I restrict access to a child’s record?

As a professional, you can temporarily remove access to a child's record from the child and their carers. This is useful during investigations into the safety of the child where a party with access to the record may be harming the child. While frozen the child cannot log into their record and the carers cannot access the child's record.

You can still access and update the record while it is ‘frozen’ but the child and their carers are unable to.

How do I freeze a record?

On the summary page of the patient record click 'Freeze record' button. To reverse this, click the 'Unfreeze record' button on the same screen.

How do I enforce access to a child's record?

Certain parties should always have access to the child's record regardless of the wishes of the child or the parents. As a professional you can enforce access for these parties so that neither patient nor carers can stop sharing.

Examples include:

  • the local family physician and paediatricians

  • both parents after a divorce

  • third parties directed by court order such as social workers

To enforce access:

Within the sharing section of the record, click on the 'Team' page of the child and find the team, individual professional or carer you wish to enforce access for. Click 'Edit' next to their name and select ‘'Patients & carers cannot edit sharing'

How do I prevent carers being removed automatically when a child turns 16?

When a child turns 16, the system will automatically remove a carers' access to the child's record. To prevent this, professionals can search for the child in PKB, click on their name and click 'Edit' next to each carer they want to maintain access for. At the bottom of this page, there is a box labelled 'Maintain access after 16th birthday' - tick this, and enter a reason in the box below.

How do I add a growth chart to a paediatric record?

When you add a measurement under height or weight for a child a growth chart will automatically appear on the page for that measurement until the child is 18 years old. This allows you to see comparisons to typical growth rates help determine if the child is growing appropriately. The data are from the UK WHO growth charts.

For 24 months and below the charts appear in months.

For 2-18 years the chart appears in years.