Patient Advisory Group meeting summary - 10th January 2024 

Patient Advisory Group meeting - 10th January 2024 


PKB has always gathered feedback through our network of users and our support desk so that we can respond more effectively to users needs with informed solutions.  We expanded this by organising Patient Advisory Group meetings to engage with patients to better understand the patient experience of PKB and gather insight and feedback directly. These groups allow patients to share their experiences and provide PKB with the ability to seek advice and feedback in a structured discussion format. 

We ran the first session with a small but diverse group of patients who use PKB and are based in North West London. The session was held at 6 pm on 10th January 2024. It was an extremely interesting and useful meeting, and we feel privileged that patients were happy to offer their time to share such valuable insight and feedback. 

Summary of findings

How were these patients introduced to PKB?

Features most useful to these patients

Features these patients don’t use or would like to be improved

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The next steps for PKB

We have summarised below the areas for PKB to review as to how we can improve the website for our patients.

This process will begin with a Product team review of each item, this might include further discussions with users, analytics of usage, design sessions, usability and prototype testing.

Once any changes are approved and finalised, we can look at when, and in what order they might be scheduled on the PKB roadmap.