Correcting data

How can information be corrected?

Data you have entered into a patient record can be deleted or edited by any member of the professional's organisation with access to the patient record. Please see the relevant page to find how to edit data points.

How can I correct data sent via HL7?

Data entered via HL7 messages, such as laboratory results / imaging reports can be edited by subsequent 'update messages'. For example, a lab result that is re-sent via HL7 with the same laboratory order identifier is treated as a correction: the old value is hidden and the new value (linked to the old in our database) is shown with a "[C]" to indicate the correction. Please note that data sent via HL7 must be corrected via HL7.

How can I correct data sent via a device?

The update must come from the device into PKB, you cannot directly change information in PKB.