How to discharge a patient

How can I discharge a patient from my team?

You can discharge a patient when your team's episode of care has ended.

To discharge click the ‘discharge button’ on the patient summary page.

What happens when a patient is discharged?

When you discharge a patient in PKB your team will no longer have access to the shared data in the patient's record. You continue to retain access to data that was added by your team and you can continue to search for the record within your organisation.

After discharge a patient can:

  • access team care plans

  • access the team library

  • continue existing message threads

After discharge a patient cannot:

  • start new message threads

  • complete a new consultation

You can add the patient back to your team at any time if you resume care . To formally access a patient's record after discharge you have to enter the reason for the access, including explicit consent (e.g. the patient is with you in clinic), implicit consent (e.g. after a new referral) and break-the-glass emergency (e.g. the patient is unconscious in your emergency department)