Where possible, PKB displays attachments inline with the option to open full screen or download. If it is not possible to view a particular attachment within PKB, it will be available to download. For more information on our security when uploading attachments, please click here.

What are the size limits of attachments?

  • Audio (1 GB)

  • Plans (20 MB)

  • Messages (10 GB for the first message in a thread, 100 MB for replies in a message thread)

  • Files (10 GB)

  • Genetics (1 GB)

  • Imaging (1 GB)

  • Journal (1 GB)

  • Medications (20 MB - professionals only)

  • Tests (20 MB)


The following types of files can be viewed while in PKB:

  • Images: jpeg, jpg, png, gif

  • PDF

  • Microsoft Word documents: these are converted to PDF

You can upload most file types into a PKB record, but executable files such as .exe or similar will be blocked. If we are unable to show the document type inline, we will give the user a download link instead so they can open them locally.

For mobile devices, PDF documents will either be viewable within the browser or available to download depending on the type of document & device.


In both the Files, Audio and Events & Messages sections, the video will play within the browser. If the format is not supported by your device, you will be given the option to download the file if possible. In all other areas where files can be uploaded, the file will download to your device and can then be viewed locally.

Note: Video playback on Windows XP & Windows phones is not supported.