Book GP appointments

Finding the Book GP Appointment page

Understanding the Book GP Appointment pages

From your record, you can link to your GP practice and then book GP appointments from PKB.

On the Appointments pages, you will find all of your upcoming appointments at the practice. This includes appointments booked online and appointments booked by the practice.

Your past appointments for the last thirty days will also be visible.

How do I book a GP appointment?

1. On the Appointments page, click on the 'Book GP appointment' button.

2. If you are booking for the first time, you will need to link to your GP practice first. Our Link to your GP practice page has instructions on how to do this.

3. Choose a date on the calendar to see slots available that day (days highlighted in green are the ones with available slots).

4. Add a booking reason if needed.

5. Click on 'Next'.

6. Review the details of your appointment and click on ‘Book appointment’.

7. Your appointment will be displayed on your calendar.

How do I cancel an appointment?

1. On the Appointments page, find the appointment you no longer need and click ‘Cancel’.

2. Enter a cancellation reason.

3. Click 'Cancel appointment'.

4. The appointment will no longer show in your calendar.

Is there a maximum number of appointments that I can book?

Your GP practice may set a maximum number of booked appointments. When you have reached that maximum, you will not be able to book another one. A warning message will appear to let you know when you've reached the maximum.

What happens if my GP practice stops supporting online appointment booking?

Your appointments at that GP practice will not be visible in your calendar. It will not be possible to book an appointment.

What happens if my GP practice closes my account or resets my account?

If your GP practices closes your EMIS Web online account, you will no longer be able to see booked GP appointments in your calendar or be able to book new appointments until you add new linkage details, which can be provided by your GP practice.

If your linkage key is reset, your access to online services will be restricted until you enter new linkage details. You will only see appointments that you have booked online and will only be able to have one booked appointment until then.