Finding the symptoms page

Understanding Symptoms

Here you can record and track your symptoms. Your teams may have requested certain symptoms for you to enter but you are also free to record whatever you like from the entire list. This helps you and others track your progress over time.

How can I record my symptoms?

Click the 'Add symptoms' button from the main symptoms page and you will be taken to a form to update symptoms.

Under the 'Other symptoms' heading, you can select a symptom you wish to add by using the search field or selecting from this list. Once selected, choose the appropriate level from the options and click 'Save'. . You can add as many as you would like and you have the option to remove items you've selected in error by clicking the 'X' button beside them.

If you belong to a team that have specific symptoms they want you to track, they will appear at the top of the list, labelled by the team name.

What are team symptoms?

Team symptoms are just symptoms that the team looking after you want you to record. This is to help them track any changes in symptoms and manage your care. The information you enter can help them detect if they need to change your care so it’s important that you do this if possible. You do not have to fill these in, but they will appear on your symptom list as a reminder.

As well as appearing on the Symptoms page, the symptoms to record will also be shown on your homepage (if you have not yet recorded them that day).

Can I record additional symptoms?

Absolutely. Just because the team caring for you are interested in a subset of symptoms does not mean these are the only ones you should be entering. This is your record, and you should record anything you want to that is going to help you with your care.

To record symptoms, just click on the Symptoms page, click on the 'Add symptoms' button as described above.