Viewing patient data

How do I access a patient record?

Firstly, search for your patient. Clicking on the patient will take you to their summary screen which has a convenient summary of the salient parts of the record.

The summary screen includes the patient's timeline to show a clear visual representation of activity in the patient’s record.

How can I navigate to the parts of the record.

You can navigate to other sections using the ribbon below the banner.

The professional and patient views are almost identical. Click below for more detail on each section.

Exporting data from plans

How do I export data from a care plan?

From the plans page, click on the ‘Export plan' button, then select which plan you wish to export and then select 'Latest' or 'All'. 'Latest' will download the newest version of the care plan, whereas 'All' will download every version. When the export has completed, the professional will receive an email notification with a link to the 'Plans' tab.

Please note that exporting the data may take a long time because the system decrypts each patient's account and harvests the data from all data sources.