Telephone & video consultations

In many situations, the use of telephone & video technology offers benefits as an alternative to traditional face-to-face support, these remote consultations can be carried out and documented within PKB.

How do I start a telephone or video consultation?

On Events & messages click 'Call patient.' Choose the patient, complete the form including any background information / reason for the consultation and then select ‘Start.’

The Call in progress screen will appear. If the patient has contact details stored, you will see buttons to select which method you would like to contact the patient (Skype or phone). Clicking on these buttons will open Skype to begin the calls. You can document the consultation on this page.

Why can I not see the option to Skype or call my patient?

If your patient does not have a phone number or Skype ID recorded in the settings of their account then the options to Skype or phone the patient will not appear.

Do I need Skype installed on my device?

Yes. If you do not have Skype installed on your device then the option to Skype will appear (if the patient has a Skype ID recorded) but will not respond when selected.

Do telephone consultations only work with Skype?

Skype is the only system that is currently integrated within PKB, however, it is still possible to use alternative services (such Skype for Business or Google hangouts) by pasting the meeting link as a message.

Where can I view past video/telephone consultations?

Once completed, video and telephone consultations will display in Messages (or Events and Messages if in the patient record).