Using PKB on a mobile device

One benefit of PKB is that it is as easy to use on a mobile phone as it is on a computer. This allows patients to access their records wherever they are, and can easily take their information with them to appointments.

How do I log in to my account on my phone?

In your web browser, launch Complete your login details.


Please note that these instructions are for iOS devices only, with the use of a Safari browser. Please see further down the page for Android instructions.

How do I bookmark the page?

When on, click the Share button (this is a square with an arrow coming out the top).

Click ‘Add Bookmark.’

Now, when you launch your Safari browser, you can launch PKB from your homepage.

How do I autofill my login credentials?

On your phone, click Settings and then Passwords & Accounts.

Click Website & App Passwords.

Click the + sign to add your credentials.

Complete the form.

On Passwords & Accounts enable ‘Autofill passwords’

Now, when you go to PKB on Safari, you will have an option for your credentials to be completed for you.


Please note that these instructions are for Android devices only, for use with the Google Chrome browser.

How do I add a bookmark?

When on, click ‘More’ (this is the three dots in the top right hand corner).

Select the star icon - this will bookmark the webpage for you.

How do I view my bookmarks?

On your browser, click More and then select ‘Bookmarks’

Your list of bookmarked webpages, including PKB, will display.

How do I save my passwords?

Whenever you enter your credentials to a webpage, you should be prompted to save your username and password.

Click ‘Save’ and the next time you launch PKB, your username and password should already be populated for you.

If you are not prompted to save your password, click More > Settings.

On the Settings page click Passwords.

Ensure the option to ‘Save passwords’ is enabled.