A web-app used by both kidney disease (renal) patients and clinicians.

Patients can use MyRenalCare to gain greater control of their kidney disease and slow it’s progression:

Clinicians can use MyRenalCare to remotely care for patients, make better clinical decisions with more data and be more efficient:

Why connect MyRenalCare with PKB?

The partnership between MyRenalCare and PKB provides both patients and their clinicians automatic access to the patient’s renal blood results in MyRenalCare. Specifically, the patient’s LOINC mapped laboratory results e.g. typically from the UK Renal Registry in the patient’s PKB record will be pulled into, and made accessible, on the patient’s MyRenalCare record. 

For patients this allows them to access their renal blood results automatically on MyRenalCare without having to wait to see their clinician giving them greater control.

For clinicians this reduces the need to log-into several online systems making them more efficient.

For NHS Trusts it reduces the number of system connections required reducing costs and simplifies implementation of MyRenalCare.

How to connect MyRenalCare with PKB

Upon logging in to MyRenalCare, patients will have the option to connect their Patients Know Best (PKB) record with their MyRenalCare record.  This means that the LOINC mapped lab results in their PKB record will be pulled into their MyRenalCare record.  

If already registered with PKB

The patient needs to read the privacy policy and tick the box to give consent to the necessary processing of data and click “login”.

The patient will then be automatically taken to the grant access screen.

The patient will then need to enter their email address and password they use to login to PKB and then select "Approve".

Once the connection is complete the patient will see this screen:

Once the patient's PKB and MyRenalCare accounts have been successfully linked, both the patient and clinician will be able to access the patient’s renal LOINC mapped blood results in MyRenalCare.

If not already registered with PKB

If the patient is not already registered with PKB, after reading the privacy policy and ticking the box to give consent to the necessary processing of data and click the patient needs to select “No - register” to create a PKB account.

The patient will then be taken to the registration page of PKB to register.

Once the patient has registered with PKB they must then return to MyRenalCare and login.  Then they need to go to "Account Settings" to connect their PKB and MyRenalCare accounts.

The patient will then be taken to this screen and needs to select "Link".

Results in MyRenalCare and PKB

Blood results that have been LOINC mapped will be pulled from PKB into the patient’s MyRenalCare record immediately after the two records have been successfully linked, and will be updated 4 times a day thereafter.


This is what the blood results look like in PKB:

This is what the blood results look like in MyRenalCare:

Troubleshooting Tips

If you want to relink your accounts

If the link between MyRenalCare and PKB does not work, the patient needs to go into the MyRenalCare account settings to relink it to their PKB record.

The patient will then be taken to this screen and needs to select “Link”.

If you want to unlink your accounts

The patient can unlink their PKB and MyRenalCare accounts at any time by going to account settings and selecting “PKB” integration.

The patient will then need to be taken to this page to select “unlink”.