Finding the team page

Understanding the team page

The team page is divided into 4 sections:

  1. Patients - this is equivalent to the search functionality on your home screen
  2. Colleagues - This lists other professional members of your team. You can send messages to your colleagues from here.
  3. Past patients - This allows you to find patients you have previously cared for. You can either view their records using team data view (link) or can ask for access again.
  4. Pending invitations - This lists all patients that you have invited to your team but have not accepted your invitation yet.

How do I contact a colleague?

On the Colleague tab, all of your colleagues will be listed alongside their telephone numbers and skype IDs (if recorded within PKB). There is also a ‘Send message’ hyperlink next to each colleague which allows you to message colleagues within the PKB application.

How do I view past patient records?

Click on the Past patients tab to see a list of all patients that your team have previously had access to. You can then click ‘Ask for access again’ if you want to add them to your team or you can click ‘Open team-data-only view’ which will open the record but only display information added by your team.

What can I do if a patient hasn’t actioned my invite to join my team?

Click on the ‘Pending invites’ tab to see a list of patients who have not accepted your invite. You can then click ‘Resend’ to resend the invitation or ‘Cancel’ if you no longer need them to be part of your team.