Finding the team page

Understanding the team page 

The team page is divided into 4 sections:

How do I add an email to a patient so I can send an invite?

For instructions on how to do this logged in as a coordinator, please click here.

On the Patient's tab, search for the patient. When they are returned in the search, there will be an option of 'Enter e-mail.' 

This will take you to the patient's demographic details. Click 'Add email' towards the top of the page.

Enter their email address and click 'Save contact' - this will send an invitation email to the patient so that they can complete registration

If the patient does not complete registration, you can prompt them again by searching for them, and selecting the 'Remind to register' option. This will resend their invitation email to them. 

How do I contact a colleague?

On the Colleague tab, all of your colleagues will be listed alongside their telephone numbers and skype IDs (if recorded within PKB). There is also a ‘Send message’ hyperlink next to each colleague which allows you to message colleagues within the PKB application. You will only be able to message colleagues who have the setting 'Contactable by messages' enabled.

How do I view past patient records?

Click on the Past patients tab to see a list of all patients that your team have previously had access to. You can then click ‘Ask for access again’ if you want to add them to your team or you can click ‘Open team-data-only view’ which will open the record but only display information added by your team. 

What can I do if a carer or non-institutional-professional hasn’t actioned my invite to a patient's record?

Click on the ‘Pending invites’ tab to see a list of users who have not accepted your invite. You can then click ‘Resend’ to resend the invitation or ‘Cancel’.