Can I access a record when a patient stops sharing with me?

Professionals can start sharing the patient's data again to support patient care. To do so they must document within PKB the reasons they have for doing so, including:

  1. The patient directly gave consent for the sharing to start again
  2. The patient is being treated already so has provided implied consent
  3. Emergency access when the patient does not have the capacity to consent e.g. if they are unconscious

What happens when I invite a patient with a 'sharing disabled record'?

  • Via the User Interface - when 'Invite / add patient' button is used by coordinator or professional, the user will receive notification on screen 'Could not invite this patient as sharing is disabled'.
  • Via HL7 - you will not be able to add patients with sharing disabled to teams via HL7 using a ZTM segment in an A28 message.
  • You will not be able to add or update a patient’s consent to teams via REST if sharing is disabled.
  • Via CSV upload - Error information is returned if a record fails to be created. The bulk upload report will give the message 'Could not invite this patient as sharing is disabled'

Can I access sharing disabled records?

Yes - but you will only see the data your team have input and you will not be able to add further data.This is called ‘team only data view’ and allows the team to ensure clinical safety and maintain medico-legal audit trail compliance without needing to make local back-ups.

How can I access team only data view?

On the Team tab navigate to the ‘Past Patients’ sub tab, find your patient and select ‘Open team-data-only view.’