Import email addresses from EMIS GP system

These are instructions for importing email addresses from EMIS GP systems. Background and instructions for other GP systems are available in the Import email addresses with verified identity page.

1. In EMIS Web, open the main menu, go to reporting and select ‘Population reporting’.

2.Click on relevant folder in left side-bar or create a new folder.

3.Click on ‘Add’ > ‘Patient’ > ‘List Report’.

4. Enter a title for the report and select ‘Currently registered regular patients’.

5. Click on ‘Add’ and choose ‘Patient Details’.

6. Click the boxes for the columns that you would like to include, e.g. ‘NHS Number’, ‘Given Name’, ‘Family Name’, ‘Date of Birth’.

7. Click on ‘Add’ and choose ‘Online users’.

8. Expand the ‘Online User’ option and tick all boxes under online users.

9. Click on ‘Save and run’.

10. When asked if you want to run the report, click on yes to confirm.

11. Right click on the report and choose ‘View Results’.

12. Click Export and export the file as a csv.