Register as a professional

How do I register?

Your team coordinator will invite you by email to register with the team. Click on the link provided in the email and complete the form. Click the ‘Go’ button to complete registration.

Why do I have to add my personal details to register?

Registration requires your personal name, date of birth and home address. These details are only used for resetting your password - they are not available to anyone else, including patients.

If you forget your password, you can manually reset it by entering your personal details and answering the security question. If you enter your work address rather than your home address, then this reduces the security of your account. For example, a member of the public can guess your work address whereas they do not know your home address.

What if I am in multiple teams?

Once registered, you can be invited to join multiple teams in the same role. Once you have been invited to a second team, you can click ‘Already have an account’.

Clicking this button will prompt you to log in with the username and password you first registered with and then link the two roles to the same account.

You will be asked which role you would like to use during log in.

If you are invited to a different type of role (for example you registered as a professional but have now been invited as a coordinator), you will need to register as a new user.