Finding the Patients page

Understanding the Patients page

On Patients page, select one of the following tabs:

  1. Activated: Search for patients in your team/organisation to contact them, remind them to register or edit their sharing settings. Invite single or multiple patients. This is the tab that you will use most often as a coordinator.

  2. To activate: A list of patients in your team who have not had their identity verified. You can verify their identities.

  3. Registering: A list of patients in your team who have not yet registered. You can add email addresses for patient or remind them to register.

  4. Reports: If you upload a CSV of patients to create their records from the 'Activated' tab, you will see a report on this tab with details about the upload. This will let you know which records were created successfully and list any failures.


You have the ability to search for patients on the ‘Activated’ tab. You are able to search by unique ID (such as a national identifier), the patient's date of birth or the patient's name.

Once you have searched for a patient, there are a number of actions you can take.

How do I add a professional to a patient?

Select the patient, click ‘Add professional’ and complete the form. This will add an individual professional to the patient’s record.

How do I reset a patient password?

Patients are able to self-reset forgotten passwords. However, if they have also forgotten their security question answers they will need a password reset from a member of a team with access to their record. Once you have confirmed the patient’s identity you can Select the patient, click ‘Reset password’ and complete the form.

How do I add a carer to a patient?

Select the patient, click ‘Add carer’ and complete the form. It is important that you first check that the Carer has a PKB record and that they have been registered to their own record before being added as a Carer to another record. To do so follow the steps here.

How do I assign teams to a patient?

Assign a team to a patient when the patient is under the care of that team. Select the patient, click ‘Assign teams’ and complete the form. The team members will now have access to data in the patient record, as their privacy access allows. See privacy labels for more details.

I want to use the email address for a carer - how do I do this?

Select the patient, click ‘Use email for carer’ and complete the form. For more information on when to use this, please click here

How do I edit a patient’s demographics?

Select the patient and click ‘Edit.’ You will be taken to the patient’s demographic page which you will be able to edit and save.

How do I see who the patient record is shared with?

Selecting the patient’s name will allow you to see which carers, professionals and teams are assigned to the patient. You can also assign teams and add professionals and carers using this page. You will only see teams if you have access to the appropriate privacy label. E.g. if you do not have ‘mental health’ access you will not see mental health teams.

How do I add a patient to my team?

Patients can be added if they are under the care of your team. You can add patients individually or in bulk. If a patient record does not already exist, a new record will be created. The patient will receive an emailed invitation if you have provided an email address.

You can use the buttons on the right hand side of the page to invite patients to start using PKB.

If you select ‘Add many patients’ a bulk account creation report will be accessible on the ‘Reports’ tab.

How do I remind a patient to register?

Search for the patient. If they have an email address in their record but haven't registered, you will see a remind option beside their name. Click this to send them an email notification reminding them to register.

To activate

An activate patient has had their identity verified. On the ‘To activate’ tab, select the patients you wish to activate and click the ‘Activate’ button.

What is the difference between an activated and non activated patient?

Anyone can register for a PKB record through the sign-up page of a PKB customer institution. This is a non-activated record. The record will not receive data from anywhere, until it is activated.

An activated record is one which has been marked as activated in PKB, once a professional has verified the patient’s identity. Once this is done, the patient can invite professionals and carers to access their record. On behalf of the patient, professionals at the institution can also grant access to professionals and carers to the patient’s record. Professionals and carers invited to an activated patient record are told that the record is activated, the date on which the institutional professional activated the record, and the details of this institutional professional, certified by the institution.

If an activated record has a national identifier added (such as NHS number), this is classed as an integrated record. This allows data to automatically flow between the institution’s databases and the patient’s PKB record.


The registering tab lists all patients who have to complete registration.

How do I remind a patient to register?

To remind them, click Remind next to their name.

How do I add an email to a patient who has not claimed their record?

On the Registering tab, select the patient, click ‘Enter e-mail’ and complete the form. This will send an email invitation to the patient. They can use the link in the sent email to complete registration.

How do I delete a patient who has not fully registered?

On the Registering tab, select the patient and click ‘Delete.’


After uploading a CSV of patients to add them to your team, you can see a report about the upload on this tab. This process is described in our page on bulk record creation.