Logging in and out

How can I log into my PKB account?

Click https://my.patientsknowbest.com and enter your email address and password, or use the 'Log in with NHS login' button.

You can tick the box to show your password if you wish to see what you have entered.

What if I have trouble logging in?

If you have trouble logging in, here are some things to check:

What happens when I log in for the first time?

For information on logging in for the first time, please click here.

How do I log out?

Click the Log out button in the top right corner. It is best practice to log out before you leave your computer so that no one can else access your record, especially if others share your computer. The system will automatically log you out after 30 minutes of inactivity.

Will PKB automatically log me out if I am inactive?

PKB will warn you after 25 minutes of inactivity and provide you with the option to either 'Stay connected' or to 'Log out'. If neither is selected before 30 minutes of inactivity then you will automatically be logged out of PKB.

Care plans and messages are automatically saved as drafts every minute, but any other changes made will be lost.