Logging in and out

How can I log into my PKB account?

Click https://my.patientsknowbest.com and enter your email address and password.

What if I have trouble logging in?

If you have trouble logging in, here are some things to check:

  • Check you are using the email address you supplied when you registered for your record. If you can’t remember this contact the team who treat you.

  • If you cannot remember your password you can try to reset this by clicking Forgot Password. See Setting and resetting a password for more details. There is no limit for how many password attempts you have when logging into PKB.

What happens when I log in for the first time?

When you have completed registration [link] and log into the system for the first time, you will be taken through our consent screens before we display your homepage.

The first page you will be shown is pictured below:

This page explains to you about the different privacy labels that each data point in the system may have. To learn more about privacy in your record you can read our privacy manual page.

Once you have read all of the information, you can press the ‘I understand’ button to be taken to the next page.

This next page allows you to decide what privacy you want to share with the team who has added you.

Some boxes may be ticked by default when you are on this page - this is to be expected. It means that when this team was created in Patients Know Best they decided that they need to have certain privacy access to support their patients, and so by default this is what is ticked. You can change this however - you can untick boxes if you don’t want them to have the access they want or can tick more boxes if you want to share more with them.

It is important to remember, if the box is ticked the team will be able to see data that has that privacy. For example, if you tick ‘General health’ and ‘Mental health’ the team will be able to see any data points in your record that have that privacy.

If you tick no boxes, the team will not be able to see any data you add to your record, or any data added by other people (such as other teams who are contributing to your record, or your carers). They will, however, be able to see any data their team has added to the record. You can learn more about this in our sharing page.

If you have been added to multiple teams, you will have to repeat this process for each team before you are taken to the homepage. We display the team name and the organisation at the top of the page, so you always know who you are granting access to during this process

The settings you decide when you first log in can be changed at any point by you - you will always remain in control of who can see your record. To change what teams can see at a later date, please see our sharing page.

How do I log out?

Click the Log out button in the top right corner. It is best practice to log out before you leave your computer so that no one can else access your record, especially if others share your computer. The system will automatically log you out after 30 minutes of inactivity.