Before adding a carer to a patient record, it is important that you first check that the Carer has a PKB record and that they have been registered to their own record before being added as a Carer to another record. This will prevent carers from having duplicate records.

How can I check if a carer already has a PKB record?

In the patient search bar, search for the carer's national identifier (such as NHS number). If they are returned, and their account has an email address, you can add them to the patient record as a carer (instructions below).

If the carer is returned, but they do not have an email address in their account, you should add this in by clicking 'Enter e-mail'

If you can not find the record, you should create them using their national identifier and email address (and therefore the system will tell you if they have a record already in another organisation). For instructions on how to register a carer, please click here.

The carer is also able to register for a record themselves, using NHS login.

How can I add a carer to a patient record?

For instructions on how to do this while logged in as a coordinator, please click here

Firstly, find the patient you want to add the carer to, and enter their record. When in their record, navigate to the sharing tab and then to the Friends/Family tab.

Click 'Add carer'

Complete the form and add in the carers details. The text you add into the 'Message' field will display to them in their invitation email.

Select the level of access you wish to grant the carer. The patient is also able to change this from their account, should they want to.

Click 'Invite.' This will email the carer and you will be returned to the patient search screen, which will display a confirmation message.