Non-institutional professionals

What is a non-institutional professional?

A non-institutional professional is someone who provides clinical care to a patient but is not associated with any teams within a PKB organisation. For example, a GP could be added to a patient record as a non-institutional professional if their GP practice do not use PKB.

How do I add a non-institutional professional?

Within a patient record, go to Sharing > Professionals and click ‘Add an individual.’ Complete the form and an invitation will be sent to the professional’s email for them to complete.

Is there anything a non-institutional professional cannot do?

A non-institutional professional has fewer functions available to them than a team professional. These include:

  • Unable to create new patients

  • Unable to reset patient passwords

  • Unable to send a new consultation or add new plans

  • No access to the patient's record if a patient stops sharing with them

  • Can only edit phone number, language and timezone on the patient's profile page (demographic information)

  • Unable to view the patient's timeline view