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A guide to switching from PatientView to Patients Know Best

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Switching from Patient View to Patients Know Best

The UK Kidney Association (formerly known as The Renal Association) has signed an important deal with Patients Know Best to re-platform their national patient-facing system PatientView to the PKB personal health records platform. The agreement will improve the existing security and functionality of the current PatientView system, which was one of the first patient portals in the UK.

PKB is a social enterprise founded for patients. It is also the largest provider of digital personal health records to the NHS.

This new system offers patients and their professional teams, advanced features and functionality including increased security, care planning, team-based messaging and an ecosystem of integrated wearable and monitoring devices to support clinical transformation.

To support you through the transition of moving from PatientView to PKB, this guide provides an overview of where you can continue to find the information you need.


Using Patients Know Best


From your homepage you can navigate to other sections of the record and perform some common actions like send messages, view recent notifications, or access the main tiles that take you to the relevant part of the record.

Letters & messages

Using Patients Know Best

Home > Events & messages

All messages between you and your professionals are displayed here. This includes any documents that have been sent by clinical teams e.g. appointment letters, clinic letters,  referrals and discharge summaries.

Send a message

Using Patients Know Best

Home > Events & messages > Send a message

To start sending messages, click on the top right hand corner of the previous Events & Messages page and click ‘Send message’, then complete the form. This button is also available from the homepage.


Using Patients Know Best

Home > Health > Diagnosis

All diagnoses added to the record can be found here. Current diagnoses are displayed first, then past diagnoses, if recorded. Click on a diagnosis to show who entered the information and when. We will also show coding information where available.

Test results

Using Patients Know Best

Home > Health > Tests

All test results that have either been manually entered or automatically sent from other systems used by the hospital, can be found here. To see details of a test, click on the individual test to open its history page.


Using Patients Know Best

Home > Treatments > Medicines

All medications added to the record can be found here. For current medications we show the ones started most recently first. For past medications we show the ones stopped most recently first. Click on a medication to see more details.

New Pages and Features

The switch to Patients Know Best will offer you a range of new pages and features explained below. 

Some of these allow your healthcare providers to share more information with you and interact with you digitally. 

Many of these you can use independently to help manage your health.


Home > Health > Allergies

All allergies added to the record can be found here. Most recently recorded allergies will appear first. Click on an allergy to show detailed information, such as the date it was recorded and associated severities and reactions.

Care plans

Home > Treatments > Plans

Care plans include instructions on what to do in common situations such as worsening of your condition. It can also contain helpful information or videos, as well as goals and targets to reach in between consultations.

The Kidney Results and Measurements Tracker has been designed to support patients in managing their kidney condition. It will provide some of the most important tests and measurements from the past, and will automatically pull through the results of new tests taken.

The My Conditions care plan contains details of diagnoses, and provides links sent by the UK Kidney Association to support you in managing your condition.


Home > Health > Symptoms 

Record and track your symptoms here. 

Where a team has requested certain symptoms to be monitored, they will appear here. You can also record any symptom from the entire list to track progress over time.


Home > Treatments > Library

Useful information and links to resources can be stored in the Library. 

Clinical teams can add and edit links and you can add your own links too. Simply click 'Add Link' and enter the URL of the website to add information.


Home > Diary > Appointments

Appointments can be found here. 

You can add your own appointments and edit them too. Simply click on the ellipsis menu, followed by 'Edit'. A status can also be added for each appointment where required, for example, 'Cancelled'.


Home > Diary > Journal

You can add Journal entries to note how you are feeling on any given day. It is also possible to start a discussion about the entries in the Journal. Click 'Add Entry' to complete the form, or 'Edit‘ using the options (ellipsis) menu.

Access log

Home > Sharing > Access Log

The Access Log stores a record of anyone that has accessed the record. 

Here you can see who accessed the record, when and what they viewed.

Add a professional

Home > Sharing > Professionals

Where a healthcare team does not use PKB, you can give individual professionals access to help manage your care. Click 'Add an individual‘ and their details. Then, choose which privacy labels should be applied.

Add a carer

Home > Sharing > Friends/Family

You or a professional can add a carer to your record. Simply click ‘Add carer’ and complete the form. An invitation will then be sent to the carer's email address where they can accept the invitation by completing a form.


Home > Files

Keep hold of any important paper letters or medical information safely in one place, for example, any hospital letters. Simply click 'Add File' to upload a digital copy here.

How to add a plan  

Home > Treatments > Plans 

Click on the Treatments tab and then click Plans. Press the Add Plan button.

Click the Template drop-down list and choose My Kidney Results and Measurements Tracker. Press the create button.

Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click save. 

The Action Plan in the My Kidney Results and Measurements Tracker explains how to use the plan and what it contains. 

Current list of live sites sending patients their renal data: 

Click here to register for the Renal Services and Research at The UK Kidney Association. 

Register for the Renal Services and Research team at The UK Kidney Association. 

For more information

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Download a PDF guide

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The ‘future is bright’ for patients of the Kidney Dietetics Service

“The transformation for our service has been brilliant! We no longer have to rely on email to send patients their information and we can benefit from all the functions that PKB offers.” Katherine Durrans, Clinical Lead Renal Dietitian

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