Finding the Journal page

Understanding the Journal screen

Here you can note how you feel on certain days. It is also possible to start a discussion about the entries that are in your journal.

How do I add a journal entry in my record?

Click 'Add Entry' and complete the form.

How do I edit a journal entry?

Select the journal entry and select ‘Edit.’

How do I delete a journal entry?

When editing a journal entry, you can scroll to the bottom and click ‘Delete.’

How do I change the privacy of a journal entry?

Click on the pencil icon beside the privacy label of the journal entry. Note: changing the privacy may result in some professionals and carers no longer being able to view the journal entry.

See Privacy labels for more details on what privacy labels are.

How do I discuss a journal entry?

Select the journal entry and then select ‘Discuss selections.’ It is possible to multi-select journal entries so they can be discussed in the same message thread.