Email notifications

PKB sends out notifications to your main email address. See Updating your settings for details on changing your email address. The emails are designed to inform you about a change in your record, such as a new test result, but without including clinical information. Each message has a link to log into the page in PKB to see the relevant information securely. 

What notifications do patients receive?

We will send you a notification if:

If you have been invited but have not registered yet, you will be notified about messages, consultations, plans and sharing changes.

What limits are placed on notifications?

To avoid overwhelming you with messages PKB limits certain notifications.

There are certain changes to your record that we think are important to notify you about every time they occur. There is no limit applied on these:

For all others we send a maximum of one notification a day. This includes changes to:

Please note no email notifications will be sent in the following scenarios:

What email address do the notifications come from?

Emails are sent from