Care plans can be added by professionals from within the patient record. To find out more, please click here.

To learn more about setting up plans, please click here.

How can I export a care plan?

The Plan page for Professionals allows professionals to export data from their team's plan templates and to view care plan data that has been exported by coordinator. 

From the professional’s plans page,  click on the ‘Export plan' button, then  select which plan you wish to export and then select 'Latest' or 'All'.

Please note that exporting the data may take a long time because the system decrypts each patient's account and harvests the data from all data sources.

When the export is available for you to view, you will receive an email to let you know the plan export is available and provide a link to the export.

You can also view the export on the Plans page.

To view the export, simply click 'download' next to the template you want to view the data for. 

This will download the data from the care plan and this will be in a CSV file. 

What does the export contain?

There are two types of care plan export - these are 'Latest' and 'All'. The 'Latest' export will only contain the latest data from the answers in the most recent plan and/or the most recently entered data points being tracked in the plan for each patient. The 'All' export contains answers from all plans and all entries for data points being tracked in the plan for each patient.

Both the 'Latest' and 'All' exports have the following columns: