PKB software tracks usage. We make these statistics available to customers so that they can monitor the adoption of the service.

Please note that these stats are only available for organisations, not for individual patients.


PKB does not have access to any of the data inside the record. Clinical data is encrypted and we do not have the decryption keys.

PKB simply records the number of transactions i.e. the number of data points and messages added to the PKB record. The transaction reports do not contain patient identities.

The transactions and usage reports are aggregated by a clinical team i.e. the transactions for all the patients linked to a single team appear in the reports for that team with no report on an individual patient.

Statistical Data and Reports

Our stats reports according to the timestamps of data: whether the activity has occurred in the last week (Sunday to Sunday), last 4 weeks or within the last year. We also report a total for each team.

Dashboards are currently updated at the start of every week with the previous week's data. See here for Step-By-Step instructions on viewing your data

Records created on Organisational Dashboard

Describes the how many records were created in PKB for a patient, professional, coordinator, non team professional or carer within the specified time period, last week, last 4 weeks, or total (since the team went live).

Patient and Professional Activity

Describes Patient and Professional Activity logging into PKB at least once in the past 4 weeks.

Data Transfer and Messages Sent

Describes the number of HL7 messages and Secure Discussion messages sent per week.