Stopping use of PKB

What happens to my login if my organisation stops using PKB?

If your organisation stops using PKB your login will be ‘deactivated.’ This means that you can no longer access the PKB records of any patients that were on your team’s list. You will no longer be able to send them messages through discussions or to see any data that they add to their PKB records. Appointment messaging will be disabled for your organisation. 

What about all of the discussions and interactions I have had with my patients via PKB? 

Your copy of the discussions you took part in will remain. You will still be able to log in to PKB in the same way as before and, although you will not be able to access the records of any of the patients from the team list, you will still be able to access your own ‘discussions’. This is your medico-legal record of your interactions with patients - your access to this will never be removed. You will also keep access to any consultation and care plan exports that you may have requested to this point.

Will I be able to use my PKB professional login for patient record access in the future?

If you move to another care provider that uses PKB then they can link up your current professional login to their team. If at any time an individual patient invites you to use their account with them in the meantime, you may accept the invitation through your professional login if you wish to and work with them in this way.

Does the patient need to be discharged (on PKB) from any teams that are no longer using PKB?

Yes, we advise that after patients are told that their teams are no longer using PKB, that they are discharged on PKB.  A Professional within that team can do this.  For more information on how to discharge a patient click here. You can also include a message in your discharge email footer to provide more details of why they are being discharged from the team in PKB.  Click here for more information about adding an email footer.