Social care

This feature is currently only available to users in North West London.

Finding the Social care page

Understanding the Social care page

The social care page provides a read only view of social care information recorded in Servelec's Mosaic software. Mosaic is used by some local authorities in the UK to record social care information about the people they provide care for. PKB have integrated with Mosaic, which allows us to display a view of this data to PKB users.

What data can I see?

PKB can display the following data:

  • Social worker information -including social worker name, team name and telephone number

  • Care packages - including start date, end date, supplier and frequency

  • Assessments - this includes the name of the assessment and the date it was completed, but does not include the contents of the assessment

  • Case notes - including the date the case notes were completed and the date they were effective from

  • Current communication needs

The top of the page also displays which local authority the data is from.

Who can see my social care data?

Anyone who cares for you, and who has access to the ‘Social care’ privacy label in your record can view the data. This includes carers, team professionals and individual professionals.

Can I edit the data?

The data displayed on the social care page is read-only. This means that there is no way to edit the data in PKB. If you want to edit the data, you should work with your social care team who can edit the data for you on Mosaic.

When is the data updated?

Every time you click on the Social Care page, PKB makes a new call to Mosaic to get the data. This means PKB is always displaying the most recent data available from Mosaic.

Why do I not have the tab?

If you do not have the Social Care tab available to you, this will be because you are not not linked to a team in North West London and therefore are not part of this pilot project.

If you are a carer or professional accessing a patient record in North West London and do not have the tab available to you, it will be because you do not have access to the patient's social care data. This can be changed by the patient in the Sharing section of their record.

I have the tab but no data displays on the page

There are a number of reasons why you may not be able to see data on this page. These are:

  • You are not being treated by the social care teams in the local authorities we have integrated with, and therefore there is no data in Mosaic about you. If this is the case you will see the following error message:

  • You have not opted to share data with 3rd parties in Mosaic and therefore we cannot retrieve any data about you from Mosaic. If this is the case you will see the following error message:

If you want to begin sharing with third parties, so that you can view your social care data in PKB, please speak to your social care team who should be able to change this setting in Mosaic.

  • You do not have an NHS number recorded in PKB and so we cannot check if there is data in Mosaic about you. If this is the case you will see the following error message:

If you would like your NHS number to be recorded in PKB, please speak to a clinician who is caring for you via PKB and they will be able to add this to your record.

  • We are temporarily unable to connect to the third party system. If this is the case you will see the following error message:

If this happens, please refresh the page. If the problem persists, please contact us.